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Juan F. Medrano

by Samantha Manning last modified Jun 26, 2015 02:54 PM
Juan F. Medrano

Professor, Department of Animal Science

Office Phone: (530) 752-6786


  1. Ph.D., University of California, Davis, 1975
  2. M.S., University of California, Davis, 1973
  3. B.S., University of California, Davis 1971


Research Interests

Milk composition: Our research is directed to improving the fatty acid composition of milk fat and increasing cheese yield in dairy cattle using molecular genetics tools.

Identification of the high growth (hg) gene in mice: hg is a natural mutation in mice that increase growth rate and mature body size by 30-50%. Our work is directed towards the characterization of hg. Genomics

Sex determination in sturgeon and rainbow trout: We are interested in identifying molecular markers that could be used for sexing fish and to study the mode of sex determination in sturgeon and rainbow trout. (Genome cover photograph of the white sturgeon synaptonemal complex)