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Judy Van de Water

vandewaterjudy.jpgAssociate Professor
Department of Internal Medicine

104 TB 165


Dr. Van de Water is a well-known immunologist whose primary interests for the past 15 years include autoimmunity, immunopathology, and molecular and cell biology. Her diverse research interests include primary biliary cirrhosis and the immunobiology of autism. Her current research includes collaborations with the M.I.N.D. Institute on a 3-year project designed to identify antigenic epitopes in children with autism, and on a study conducted in conjunction with Dr. Suzanne Teuber, an authority on food allergy, into the role of food sensitivity in autism. In addition, Dr. Van de Water is the Core Director of the Molecular and Cell Biology Core for the NIEHS Center for Children’s Environmental Health, entitled “Environmental Factors in the Etiology,” investigating the potential environmental risk factors contributing to the incidence and severity of autism.

Research Funding

Investigator and Core Director: Environmental Factors in the Etiology of Autism, NIEHS, 9/01- 9/06, $1,000,000 annual direct for center, $100,000 annual direct for core. The project entails the determination of environmental factors contributing to the development of autism.

Principal investigator: Molecular mechanisms of adverse reactions to foods in children with autism, UC Davis M.I.N.D. Institute Investigator-Initiated Research Grant, 1/02-12/06, $112,700 annual direct. This study is designed to perform a comprehensive assessment of the differences in the humoral and cellular (including cytokine production and expression, and cell proliferation) immune response to food antigens, specifically casein, beta-lactoglobulin, wheat gliadin and wheat glutenin. The studies in this proposal reflect an exhaustive attempt to conclusively support or invalidate the current dogma regarding any link between food allergies and autism.

UC Davis Principal Investigator (Contract with Duncan Maitland at LNLL): Shape Memory Polymer Devices in Interventional Neuroradiology and Neurosurgery, NIH, 7/02-6/06, $195,402 annual direct. This subcontract to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory supports the investigation of the biocompatibility of shape memory polymers for use as a vascular stent material.

UC Davis Principal Investigator (PI: L Croen): Maternal Prenatal Biologic Markers For Autism, NIH 7/04-6/07, $176,000 annual direct. This project examines maternal sera from mothers of children with autism and controls taken at 16-18 weeks gestation for biological markers pertainting to autitisic spectrum disorders.

Principal Investigator: Funding for autism research, Gift Award, Visceral Charity for Autism Research, $75,000.

Community Service

  • Advisor UC Davis Graduate Group in Immunology
  • Member, Graduate Orals Committees
  • Reviewer, Hepatology, Society for Experimental Biology Journal,
  • Member GBSF building committee
  • Member UCD IRB review committee