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Children's Health and Education


Children's Health and Education Program

Our Education program empowers school children with real skills to be their healthiest right now and for the rest of their lives. The core principles of human genetic and phenotypic diversity are becoming central to the personalized medicine field that is transforming modern health care. FFHI researchers are invested health education that is personalized and phentotype-appropriate. From K-12, we get students engaged in health-focused Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education and training that positions them not only as skilled workers and thinkers, but also as capable of lifelong personal health management.

"We know how essential it is to set our youngest children on a path toward a lifetime of healthy eating and physical activity." - Michelle Obama

Current Research 



Watch media coverage featuring the program's Associate Director, Dr. Sara Schaefer, working with a local school to get children involved in health monitoring:



CAES Webnews
FFHI Teams with Video Gaming's Finest to Create a Health Video Game
Oct 29, 2012

The Foods for Health Institute announces an exciting partnership that engages school children in new ways to manage their health. The project is funded through a grant from the National Science Foundation.

CAES Webnews
FFHI Teams with Culinary Institute of America to Test Healthy New Recipes
Aug 23, 2012

The Foods for Health Institute and Food and Nutrition scientists at UC Davis work with the Culinary Institute of America on a tasting study examining consumer’s preference for increasing vegetables in their diet in novel ways.

CAES Webnews
Spring Event Spotlight: Lunch Love Community
Jun 18, 2012

FFHI’s Associate Director of Education, Sara Schaefer, and Assistant Professor, Charlotte Biltekoff, helped to facilitate an interactive media social at the Robert Mondavi Institute. The Lunch Love Community event engaged the Davis campus and community on the initiative to improve the quality of school lunch.