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Postprandial Metabolism

Postprandial Metabolism Project
Teff KL, J Clin Endocrinol Metab, 94(5):1562-9, 2009.

Postprandial Metabolism Project

 Metabolism is a dynamic process by its very nature, since humans need to respond to different needs throughout the day. The fasted condition is the metabolic state when the influence of diet is least detectable. The postprandial state - or the time period following the ingestion of a meal - on the other hand, reveals the dynamic response of the individual to that specific meal. The aim of the Postprandial Metabolism Project is to develop the postprandial challenge model as a diagnostic tool that can assess specific metabolic pathways. This targeted approach can detect specific aspects of metabolic health responses to diet. In this project, researchers develop and work with industrial partners and the Business Development program to commercialize novel tools of systems biology, functional genomics, proteomics and metabolomics for health assessment and food-based solutions. The long-term goal of this project is to personalize nutrition based on quantitative, dynamic indicators of an individual’s metabolic health status.

CAES Webnews
Researchers Awarded Grant for Multi-Disciplinary Research About the Effects of Dairy Fats
Jan 17, 2012

Metabolic Phenotype Program researchers at the Foods for Health Institute received a substantial grant from the Dairy Research Institute to explore the metabolic effects of consuming different types of dairy product fats compared to non-dairy products containing similar fats.