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Breastfeeding Nourishes Two Life Forms


The Foods for Health Institute is carrying out important research on the nourishing effects of breast milk for both baby and baby's microbiota.

Under our Milk and Lactation theme, we work to understand the structure and function of breastmilk - which offers fundamental nutrition for newborns and the milk-oriented microbiota (MOM) in the infant gut.

Cow’s Milk Found to Contain Beneficial Prebiotics for the Infant Microbiome

Jul 14, 2016

FFHI scientists have found that mother’s milk is not only nourishing to infants, but also protects them against pathogens and other invaders. This is because complex sugars found in breastmilk feed specific protective microbes that inhabit the infant gut. Now, this team has shown these same sugars can also be obtained from cow’s milk.

Complex Milk Sugars Offer Therapeutic Potential to Treat Childhood Malnutrition

Feb 25, 2016

FFHI researchers are part of an important paper in Cell, which offers novel approaches to address childhood malnutrition through nourishing gut microbes with milk compounds.

Henrick First Author on HIV Cell Activation Mechanism Paper

Feb 16, 2016

Bethany Henrick, Associate Director of Scientific Programs at the Foods for Health Institute co-authors in Frontiers in Immunology.