Bethany Henrick Joins FFHI as Associate Director of Scientific Programs

Bethany Henrick

Bethany Henrick joins the team to investigate the immunological response dictated by changes in dietary choices, and is leading efforts to translate the discoveries at the molecular level to guide the future of precision health solutions through diet. FFHI Director Bruce German explains that Henrick’s unique and highly specialized skills “make her an outstanding fit for the Foods For Health Institute at UC Davis.”

Bethany has a Ph.D. in medical sciences with a specialization in infection and immunity, as well as work experience in precision health diagnostics. Prior to and while completing her doctoral degree at McMaster University in Ontario, Henrick was integral in optimizing a successful point-of-care assay now used globally. As a researcher, consultant and liaison, Henrick has worked with the FDA on regulation issues, trained health care professionals on the proper use of HIV screening assays, and collaborated with large pharmaceutical companies. Prior to joining the FFHI, she served as Director of Biochemistry for a cervical cancer diagnostic company in the Bay Area.

While Henrick has found some success in her professional career, she says, her real passion lies in furthering our understanding of immunological factors in breast milk, and their effect on infant health. With this desire, Henrick was drawn to the work at FFHI with Director Bruce German.

Henrick’s “rare combination of academic scholarship and innovative entrepreneurship is precisely the vision for Foods for Health leaders,” German said. He playfully added that Henrick’s experience as captain of a division I field hockey team “can't hurt in faculty team building and difficult corporate negotiations.”

Welcome to Bethany Henrick, whose talent and enthusiasm will surely reinvigorate the Foods for Health Institute.