Precision Health Measurement

drawing of skeleton

Precision Phenotype is our term for the measurable set of parameters that accurately reflects an individual’s health status. Whereas a person’s genotype is a blueprint, phenotype is the blueprint in action, today. The goal of precision phenotyping is to build and validate the tools to provide an accurate and predictive window into the accessible pathways and processes of the body.

What should we measure, how accurately should we measure it and when should it be measured? The Precision Health Measurement (PHM) program focuses on developing new targets of health that need to be measured and new technologies to measure them within individuals, routinely.

Precision measurement of health needs to include the diverse needs for and responses to diet. Humans have the most elastic phenotypic opportunities among mammals. We literally can be ‘all we want to be’. Feeding humans to take advantage of health opportunities must be based on actual measures of health within individuals. Furthermore, diets and other agents that target health improvement will need to be able to document their efficacy within each individual with similar molecules, structures and benefits.

Precision Health Projects

  • Accurate assessment of nutrient status, physical activity, microbial colonization, immunological responsiveness and metabolic performance
  • Project Galileo ‘Measure what is measureable, what is not measureable, make it so’
  • Premature infant real time health status