Foods for Health Institute


FFHI Researchers Team with UC Davis Dining Commons to Conduct Nutrition Study

Written by Melissa Vilas

In fall 2018, researchers at the Food for Health Institute conducted a ‘Nutrition Tracking Study’ to explore how new technologies can be used to measure dietary intake and nutrition. The project team included Sara Schaefer, PhD (Principal Investigator), Sarah Dimitratos, RD (Registered Dietitian & PhD Student) and 25 research interns majoring in Clinical Nutrition, Nutrition Science and Food Science & Technology.

Cow's Milk Found to Contain Beneficial Prebiotics for the Infant Microbiome

FFHI scientists have found that mother's milk is not only nourishing to infants, but also protects them against pathogens and other invaders. This is because complex sugars found in breastmilk feed specific protective microbes that inhabit the infant gut. Now, this team has shown these same sugars can also be obtained from cow's milk.