Congratulations to Dr. Daniel Garrido

Daniel Garrido

Dr. Garrido is excited to begin his new academic appointment in Chile. He will join the Department of Chemical Engineering and Bioprocesses where his duties include teaching biotechnology students and also supporting their major in Biological Engineering. As part of the Foods for Health Institute, Dr. Garrido was a graduate student in Dr. David Mills’ Lab. His work on the complex glycans in human milk glycoproteins was recently recognized by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Dr. Garrido also received the international Pan American Nutrition and Food Science award from Grupo Bimbo. For his thesis on human nutrition, “A molecular basis for the enrichment of bifidobacteria in the infant gastrointestinal tract,” Dr. Garrido will travel to Mexico to accept his $2000 award. Dr. Mills remarks that Garrido is “very deserving of this award” and that it also reflects highly on the wonderful work of the Functional Glycobiology and Milk Bioactives programs at the Foods for Health Institute.

Being part of the Foods for Health Institute has been a very rewarding experience for Dr. Garrido. He says, “One of the fundamental approaches of our group, studying human milk as a model food, is very attractive from a scientific point of view. How molecules in milk can help beneficial gut bacteria, what these molecules are and how they affect health is very important. What we do is in parallel being translated into practical applications, with the potential of helping lots of people.”

Dr. Garrido also expresses gratitude to the professors and collaborators that supported him as a graduate student. He says, “I believe that the success of our group comes from the multidisciplinary training and collaborations, where everyone's input and effort helps us move one step further. I feel honored to have met and worked with very influential and wise professors such as Bruce German, Carlito Lebrilla and others.” Dr. Garrido especially thanks Dr. David Mills, “who believed in me from the beginning, gave me all the opportunities and training necessary to grow and show my potential, and support me through a successful Ph.D. and postdoctorate.” 

The Foods for Health Institute is proud and thrilled to see Dr. Garrido begin his new appointment. Dr. Garrido plans to bring all the lessons he learned at UC Davis to enrich his teaching and research at the Catholic University in Santiago.