Media Spotlight on the Healthy Children Healthy Family Project

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Many projects are described in a VOXXI: The Voice of Hispanic 21st Century article, including Dr. de la Torre's work on health care activism and reform for Latino families and the importance of developing health care access for those left outside the current system. Dr. de la Torre advocates for patient-centered health care takes a cultural approach to her work, arguing that there needs to be an increase in bilingual and bicultural physicians to address the needs of the Latino community. 

Part of her work intersects with the Foods for Health Institute's Education Program through the Niños Sanos, Familia Sana / Healthy Children Healthy Family grant. The goal of the grant is to decrease obesity rates among children of Mexican-American heritage and increase the availability of culturally sensitive health professionals to better serve this population. The Healthy Children Healthy Family grant provides access to practical tools and education to help families develop healthy diets and increase their physical activity.