Rudolf Grimm Joins the FFHI as Associate Director of Analytical Innovation


Dr. Rudolf Grimm has accepted a new role with the Foods for Health Institute as the Associate Director of Analytical Innovation. Dr. Grimm will be contributing his expertise in emerging analytical technologies through his work with Agilent Technologies.

Although his new role offers the opportunity to interact with the larger UC Davis community, Dr. Grimm is a familiar face for many at the Foods for Health Institute. Dr. Grimm first met FFHI researcher Dr. Carlito Lebrilla years ago at a conference in South Korea where they shared a mutual interest in glycomics and the tools required to study the field. Through Dr. Grimm’s work at Agilent and Dr. Lebrilla’s glycan expertise, the two researchers collaborated to create cutting edge commercial products like the Agilent glycan chip. Dr. Grimm has co-published numerous papers with UC Davis faculty on glycomics and glycan research. His self-described “hobby” is what he’s termed “mummy-omics,” or, the glycomics research of thousand year old mummies that have been preserved in ice.

In his new role as Associate Director of Analytical Innovation, Dr. Grimm will bring new methods and technologies to Foods for Health Institute researchers. He will continue his work at Agilent Technologies where he has been developing scientific collaborations in the field of “omics” and bridging networks between North America and South East Asia. Since Dr. Grimm is working for one of the world's leading analytical companies, he can share his expertise and access to the latest and greatest technologies with UC Davis.

Dr. Grimm is enthusiastic about connecting with new UC Davis communities that can benefit from his personal and professional knowledge. As Associate Director of Analytical Innovation at the Foods for Health Institute, he will be an invaluable part of developing strategic industry relationships and emergent technologies.