Bethany Henrick

Bethany Henrick

Position Title
Associate Director, Scientific Programs Foods for Health Institute



  1. BSc (Honours) Biology/Chemistry-Missouri State University, Springfield, Missouri
  2. PhD Medical Sciences (Infection & Immunity)-McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

Dr. Henrick received her Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Biology/Chemistry from the Missouri State University, USA.  Subsequently, she worked with a team of scientists that optimized and took to market the world’s fastest HIV diagnostic point of care assay.  She later completed her PhD in Medical Sciences from McMaster University where her specific training and research involved the investigation of pattern recognition receptors (PRRs), as well as characterization of unique forms of soluble TLR2, which led to a new understanding of the role of PRRs in mother-to-child HIV transmission via breast milk.  Dr. Henrick investigates the way in which the immune system recognizes pathogens leading to inflammatory responses that have a negative impact on health, and also has a special interest companion diagnostics. She has successfully worked in academic and industry settings, both domestically and internationally.  In her current role as Associate Director of Scientific Programs for the Foods For Health Institute at UC Davis, Dr. Henrick facilitates the translation of novel scientific findings to positively impact people’s lives.