Xiangdong Zhu, Ph.D.

Xiangdong Zhu

Position Title
Professor Physics


Dr. Zhu's laboratory specializes in optical studies of surface sciences over a wide range of topics. Relevant to the Functional Glycobiology Program, his group focuses on development and application of novel ellipsometry-based binding assays for high-throughput, label-free, in-situ detection of protein-protein, protein-DNA, protein-small molecule compound, and microbe-oligosaccharide interaction. They have the capability to simultaneously measure endpoints and kinetics of a solution-phase-probe reaction (1) with up to 15,000 immobilized molecular targets on a single functionalized glass slide; or (2) with 8 spatially separate copies of 300 immobilized molecular targets on one functionalized glass slide. Dr. Zhu's group collaborates closely with the groups of Dr. Carlito and Dr. Chen on profiling protein and microbe binding with natural and synthetic human milk oligosaccharides.