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Real-Life Solutions: Helping Premature Infants Fight Off Infections

July 03, 2010
Children's Health and Functional Glycobiology Program researchers are currently testing new solutions for premature infants at risk of a potentially deadly disease of the intestine, necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). Dr. Mark Underwood, a clinician and principal investigator of the collaborative research project aimed at preventing and treating NEC, explains the role of intestinal bacteria and oligosaccharides in this disease.

Pedianostics is Awarded People's Choice Prize in Big Bang Business Competition

July 03, 2010
Pedianostics, an entrepreneurship venture spearheaded by Lorna de Leoz, was recently awarded the People's Choice Prize in UC Davis's Big Bang competition. Pedianostics, conceived of at the Food & Health Entrepreneurship Academy this past February, is an innovative venture aiming to create cutting-edge diagnostic tests for pediatric illnesses which currently have no effective diagnostics.

Milk Bioactives and Functional Glycobiology Programs Graduate David Sela Awarded Prestigious Kinsella Dissertation Prize

July 03, 2010
David Sela, a recent graduate of the Milk Bioactives and Functional Glycobiology Programs, in David Mills\u2019 Lab in the department of Viticulture and Enology, has recently been awarded the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Kinsella Prize for his doctoral dissertation. A review paper on the same topic, the molecular and evolutionary linkage between breast milk composition and infant gut microbiota, has recently graced the cover of Trends in Microbiology (July 2010).