Cow's Milk Found to Contain Beneficial Prebiotics for the Infant Microbiome

July 26, 2016
FFHI scientists have found that mother's milk is not only nourishing to infants, but also protects them against pathogens and other invaders. This is because complex sugars found in breastmilk feed specific protective microbes that inhabit the infant gut. Now, this team has shown these same sugars can also be obtained from cow's milk.

Infant Health Improved with Fat-based Prenatal Supplement

January 05, 2016
UC Davis News reports on findings that fortified, lipid- or fat-based nutritional supplements provided during pregnancy to women in Bangladesh reduced stunting, abnormally low weight and small head size in babies born to these women, reports a team of University of California, Davis, researchers who led the international project.

UC Davis Partners with University College Dublin

November 17, 2015
Bruce German, Director of the Foods for Health Institute, explains the collaborative and shared vision of Davis and Dublin as leaders in food and health research.

Steven Frese Takes Position with Evolve Biosystems

November 01, 2015
Steven Frese, a former postdoctoral researcher in the lab of David Mills, begins a new position in Research and Development with Evolve Biosystems in Davis, CA.